A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The pizza entices you to open it up and take a bite. Use traps and a net to protect yourself from deadly, deadly bees. 

Experience the true 4K experience with textures never before seen in a video game.

Based on the Important If True episode "The Pizza, the Bee, and the Trash Can".


WASD - Move Around

Left Click - Use the net

E - Open the pizza

F - Plant a bomb

G - Place a honey trap

Install instructions

Extract the zip and run the exe.


PBTC Windows v1-2 x64.zip 29 MB
PBTC Windows v1-2 x86.zip 27 MB
PBTC Linux v1-2.zip 45 MB


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Lool I enjoyed this, though ultimately I accepted my fate. Also  good music choice.

I cannot stop imaging Nick as the character in the game. Therefore, I like it.